Certification Checklist

IAFN Certification
The SANE-A and SANE-P  certification exams are held twice a year during the months of April and September. Please refer to the IAFN website for registration deadline information. 

Before applying to sit for either the SANE-A® or SANE-P® certification examination, please download the April 2018 Certification Examination Handbook and review the Certification Checklist


OAG Certification 
The Program offers training for registered nurses (RNs) to conduct a comprehensive sexual assault medical forensic examination and to testify in court on that exam if called. Certification is also available for registered nurses who have completed the SANE Training Program. An RN must complete both classroom and clinical components before applying for certification.

Application Packet - Initial SANE

Application Packet - SANE Renewal

Certification Guide - Initial SANE

Certification Renewal Guide - SANE Renewal