The Office of the Attorney General is partnering with Texas A&M College of Nursing to review and revise the Texas Evidence Collection Protocol (TXECP), which is legislatively mandated.  Texas A&M invited subject matter experts in all areas of sexual assault response including medical and nursing care, investigation, social service response, prosecution, and evidence processing  to produce this draft product.  We want to thank those amazing experts who provided input and countless hours of their time to this enormous endeavor.  We are now requesting public comment. 

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 In an effort to ensure the protocol is grounded in evidence-based science, we are requesting all comments have supporting citation and references. If page numbers are listed as xx, these will be added before the final draft is completed.  Please limit comments to content only.  We will complete final formatting and sequencing after the public comment period closes.  Additionally, if you have recommendations for moving sections, please provide those in the pertinent comment box.

Public comment period is open June 11-29, 2018.  Thank you for your feedback. Please distribute the link freely to stakeholders, as we would like as much input as possible.


Beginning September 1, 2019, sexual assault exams will be impacted by two major developments – the implementation of HB 616 and the release of the new Texas Evidence Collection Protocol.


HB 616 Updates

HB 616 (86th Leg.) made significant changes to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Arts. 56.06 and 56.065 regarding reimbursement for the forensic costs of sexual assault exams conducted after 8/31/2019.


A detailed explanation of the new process and the Sexual Assault Exam Reimbursement Guidelines and instructions on how to access the online application will be available on the OAG website,


Here are a few highlights of the changes:


  • Exams conducted after 8/31/2019

      • All applications for reimbursement of forensic costs will be submitted online by the medical provider.

        • We expect the necessary system upgrades for the new process to be completed by early October so providers will experience a slight delay in reimbursement.

        • All bills and documentation must be submitted online. No mailed or hard copy applications will be accepted.

      • Law enforcement must document, in a manner required by the OAG, their requests or denials of sexual assault exams for all reported sexual assaults. The OAG developed the Law Enforcement Request for Sexual Assault Exam form (available on the OAG website) for this purpose. A fillable PDF is also attached to this email for your convenience.

        • This form must be used for all reported exams beginning 9/1/2019.

        • Law enforcement must provide the completed Law Enforcement Request for Sexual Assault Exam to the medical provider conducting the exam, the victim, and retain for their records.

        • The OAG will require a copy of this form to be uploaded with each application for reimbursement of the forensic costs of the exam.

        • This does not apply to non-reported sexual assaults or exams conducted before 9/1/2019.


  • Exams conducted before 9/1/2019

      • All law enforcement reimbursement requests for forensic costs must be submitted within three years of the date of the exam, before 9/1/2022. There are no changes to the current law enforcement process for requesting reimbursement for the forensic costs of those exams.


Monitor the OAG website for implementation updates.


Texas Evidence Collection Protocol

The new Texas Evidence Collection Protocol (TECP), along with the body diagrams and the sexual assault evidence kit authorization forms, is available at Please note, Texas A&M University Health Science Center is currently redesigning their website with an anticipated launch mid-September so there will be an updated link should this URL change. A redirect will be set as well in the event someone bookmarks this page.





Please let us know if you have any questions about the HB 616 changes regarding reimbursement for the forensic costs of sexual assault exams or the newly released TECP.



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Our September meeting will be held face to face in NOLA!

***Thursday, Sept 12, 5:00 - 6:00 pm

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I’ve been asked for this link and figured you all would need it as well. The Law Enforcement Request for Sexual Assault Form is also available on this page.


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Hello All,

I have received some questions about how to process kits without tracking numbers, especially since the barcoded kits are not available yet. The attached newsletter from DPS crime lab has great information, as well as a schedule for their training webinars specifically for discussing the tracking of kits. The next available training for medical personnel is next Tuesday, September 24th. The webinar links are in the newsletter. If you cannot be online for the trainings, I am sure they will be available for viewing after the fact.

 Please remember that law enforcement should not be paying for any exams conducted after August 30, 2019.  The OAG will not reimburse them any longer. If you come across a law enforcement officer unaware of the process, please have them email, or call me at the number listed below. 

Please share with your SANEs.


Thank you for all you do!

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