The Office of the Attorney General is partnering with Texas A&M College of Nursing to review and revise the Texas Evidence Collection Protocol (TXECP), which is legislatively mandated.  Texas A&M invited subject matter experts in all areas of sexual assault response including medical and nursing care, investigation, social service response, prosecution, and evidence processing  to produce this draft product.  We want to thank those amazing experts who provided input and countless hours of their time to this enormous endeavor.  We are now requesting public comment. 

This survey appears to work best in Google Chrome. 

 In an effort to ensure the protocol is grounded in evidence-based science, we are requesting all comments have supporting citation and references. If page numbers are listed as xx, these will be added before the final draft is completed.  Please limit comments to content only.  We will complete final formatting and sequencing after the public comment period closes.  Additionally, if you have recommendations for moving sections, please provide those in the pertinent comment box.

Public comment period is open June 11-29, 2018.  Thank you for your feedback. Please distribute the link freely to stakeholders, as we would like as much input as possible.